Wholesale Computer Components

RPC Components are suppliers of wholesale computer components for trade refurbishers and exporters. Partly built, medium to high specification computer equipment, components, accessories and spare parts ready to go.

Desktop Computers, Laptops, Monitors, Mobile Phones, Tablets, Printers, Hard Drives, RAM Memory, Graphics Cards, Mains Leads, Cables and so much more. Just select a category above, select the items you want and submit your offer. Pricing is volume based so the more you buy, the cheaper each item gets.

Because of the varying condition and specification of the computer equipment we deal with, all machines are listed individually. This gives you the opportunity to select only the machines in a range that meet your specific criteria.

Computers and Monitors

A huge range of desktop computers, monitors, printers and other office hardware is available for immediate sale.

Laptops and Tablets

Laptops, tablets and even smart phones are available in large quantities ready for re-build.

Computer Peripherals

Network switches, hubs, security routers, telephone equipment and so much more. All available at a fraction of the cost of buying new.

- How to Buy -

Once you have created an account, Just select a product group from above. Select the items you are interested in and submit your offer. If you prefer, you can email RPC at [email protected]. Trade and Wholesale customers only, no minimum purchase. The live list details all Wholesale Desktop Computers, Wholesale Laptops, Other Wholesale Components, Accessories and Spares. If you need any spares or peripherals that do not appear to be listed, then please feel free to drop us an email.

- Product Range -

Our range of available products varies day to day, hour to hour so be sure to get your Trade and Wholesale offers in quickly. All offers are dealt with on a first come first served basis.