Buying from RPC Components

How we work and how the buying process goes at RPC Components.

Placing An Order

Placing an order for our computers or accessories be it for export or UK resale is easy. Just use the site to add items to your order and then complete your order. No payment is required at this stage as you are only informing us about items of interest to you.

If you prefer, where available, you can download a full excel spread sheet containing all items from a particular category. Just remove you items you do not want from that sheet and return the document to us along with a total offer price. Again, no payment is required at this stage.

Confirming your order

Once you have placed an order with us either via the website or by returning the spreadsheet, all goods and prices on that order are checked and the complete order is verified with you either by email or by sending an invoice.

For orders over £500, a 25% picking deposit may be required which represents your confirmation of an order. The deposit is non refundable but will of course be deducted from the total invoice amount.

VAT and Delivery

All orders are subject to UK VAT and Delivery charges.

A VAT invoice is supplied which, if you are exporting the goods ordred, can be used to claim this portion back when the goods leave the UK. Please check with UK customs regarding this process.

Delivery charges vary and so the cost of this will be discussed prior to you commiting to an order.

If you would like more detailed information about the how to buy your wholesale / export items, please feel free to contact us.